Our Department was Established in 1944.

We have a medic unit, two fire engines, a brush truck, and a utility truck.

For the year 2020, we have run a total of 1072 suppression calls and 1633 EMS calls. We have had 20 working fires and 2 working rescues this year. We have a very diverse department with members ranging from age 16 to 80 years old.

Hall Rental

Our Hall is available for rentals on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We welcome, weddings, birthday and anniversary parties, business meetings, and more.
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Join Our Family

Why English Consul Volunteer Fire Department?

We are a family-oriented department and are looking for good people to join us. Support the local community and even prepare for a paid career in the fire service.

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Junior Members

We are always looking for students age 5-16 years old looking to join us. Learn about our Junior Members Program.

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Fire Prevention and Safety

We are pleased to offer an array of fire and life safety information to our community. Many of our safety pages include videos, infographics, downloadable checklists, and shareable social media images. We have an annual event in the month of October for Fire Prevention Week.